Leonard Wilfred Davies, born 19 December 1906, started a butcher's dynasty now four generations old. His butchers typical cheeky sense of humour now lives on through his grandchildren along with his knowledge of butchery.

In 1997 Leonard’s grandson Richard opened The Station Inn, which quickly generated a great reputation for quality steak. With Richard’s wife, Lesley’s passion and expertise as Head Chef, The Station’s dining experience is a true reflection of the families deep passion for serving amazing steak.

20 years on from opening The Station a major upgrade has taken place, which at its core aims to celebrate the families heritage and knowledge of meat. In order to identify your exact preferences the chefs help you choose the best cut of beef to cook for dinner. It makes for an unforgettable ‘butchery and dining’ experience.

Sourcing our meat couldn’t be more steeped in techniques of old, with a focus on top quality produce from incredible local farmers. We love to use beef derived from mainly Hereford or Angus cattle as we find it gives us the best fat content and flavour. Only grain-fed beef can guarantee the very best quality Flat Iron steak, which we have become renowned for.

Having owned a meat company and restaurant, we’re able to serve the very best quality meat, some of which is unrivalled around the world.

Our journey continues with the addition of dry-ageing beef which is bought locally allowing us full control over the ageing process, maximising flavour and tenderness.

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